Image Consulting Services


"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language" - Miucca Prada

With so many fashion trends and designers out there today, shopping can feel overwhelming, exhausting and frankly- intimidating. Yet, how we dress and go out into the world can be (as the quote mentions above) our instant language, it's how we can communicate who we are and it can be a powerful tool. 

My goal is to help review, renew and reinvent "you" until we bring out your best version, the most confident version of "you". Many people don't wear the majority of clothes they own- repeating the same pieces again and again, essentially wasting their hard earned money on untouched clothing hanging in their closet. Whether you're looking for a complete look overhaul, updating + purging your closet, or in need of help for a special occasion coming up- I can help streamline your shopping strategy, develop your personal style and maximize the potential of every piece you own while incorporating new ones that are easy to wear and versatile. With my extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, clothing brands, and my history with wardrobe and personal styling, I can ease the shopping experience and show you how approachable fashion and shopping can be no matter what your budget is. 


Services for Women + Men 

Complimentary 30 minute over-the-phone consultation 

A la Carte


This is a personalized closet consultation in your home where we have a chance to analyze your current wardrobe. We will review what is lacking, what needs filling and what needs to go. We will discuss how we can make the best use of what you already have and create a good foundation for your future purchases. Closet consultations give you an opportunity to discard clothing you no longer wear, that no longer fits, or that is simply outdated. I will also help you part ways with any clothing that you no longer want whether it's by donating to charity, consigning or helping you create your own online profile to sell your items with an online consignment store such as eBay and/or Poshmark. 

Price: $395 for up to a 3 hr in-home consultation // $115/hr thereafter

ADD ON: Closet Organization- schedule a consultation to receive a quote 


With the personal one-on-one shopping experience we will start with discussing your needs, goals with your wardrobe and our approach in revamping your personal style. Working within your budget I will hand select the stores in advance and pre-pull all the items in your size for an easy and seamless shopping process. While we go through the items picked together I will share styling tips such as mixing and matching pieces, how to flatter your body, and ensemble looks from head to toe. (Optional) Photos can be taken during our shopping session so you can review the looks before you purchase and have a personalized digital lookbook for your reference. 

Price: $460 for up to 4 hours of pre-pulling items + one-on-one shopping experience // $115/hr thereafter 

ADD ON: Seasonal Wardrobe Update (for existing clients only) 

This addition is for existing clients only that want to update their wardrobe seasonally, adding new key pieces to rejuvenate and incorporate into their wardrobe preparing for next season.    

Price: $115 per hour ( 2 hr minimum)  


This is ideal if you get overwhelmed or stuck when looking in your closet after a day of shopping and adding new items to your wardrobe. In this follow-up visit after a big shopping session, or multiple sessions, I will come to your home and provide styling tips and support. I will teach you how to incorporate your new pieces into your current wardrobe, create various looks with your new purchases and create a digital personal lookbook for reference. 

Price: $115 per hour ( 2 hr minimum)


This is for those who have a special event coming up and in need of some help to find the perfect look(s). Included is personal shopping experience as well as additional image consulting with hair and makeup for female clients. 

Price: $115 per hour  (2 hr minimum) 


Let me take the stress of packing off your shoulders! This one-on-one service home visit includes laying out your looks, photographing your outfits for personal reference while traveling and packing your bags for you. 

Price: $115 per hour ( 2 hr minimum) 



- Closet Consultation w/ Closet Organization

- Personal Shopping Experience 

-Closet follow-up Putting it All Together 



-Closet Consultation 

- Personal Shopping Experience ( 2 seasonal wardrobe updates)

-Closet follow-up Putting it All Together


THE SPRING CLEANING- Price starting at $500*

(you will receive a separate quote for Closet Organization following your Closet Consultation) 

-Closet Consultation 

-Closet Organization

-Closet follow-up Putting it All Together

THE REGULAR- Price $1485

-Four Seasonal Wardrobe Updates 


A package can be tailored exactly to your needs! We can discuss over a 30 minute complimentary consultation what options are best for you and generate a quote just for you